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Serving the GTA for over 45 years with honesty & integrity.

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About Us

    For over 45 years, The Drain Man Inc. has been serving the GTA with honesty and integrity. A family owned and operated business, our goal is to run a business in the modern world on the morals that we were founded upon.

    We are truly family owned and operated. It isn’t a gimmick or a sales pitch. Bill Barber is a hands-on owner that is routinely involved at excavation and waterproofing job sites. His son, John, is the office manager. His daughter, Shawna, works in the head office. His son in-law, Brian, works as one of our service men. We believe in valuable employees that see our company as a career choice, not just a stepping stone. We’ve proudly employed individuals at our company who have been with us for upwards of 20 years.

    We run our business with nothing to hide. As our customer, we aim to find only the best solutions to your problems and to provide them at a fair and reasonable cost. Our job as your contractor is to deliver to you the solutions that you need clearly and honestly with no hidden surprises. We tell you our rates up front, not at the front door. If you need a quote for extensive work, our staff will gladly accommodate your needs.

    We do not believe in deposits. An honest and hard working company shouldn’t need your money up front before starting. The customer pays when we’ve delivered on the work we’ve promised them. We will never mislead customers to obtain their business. Our company relies on customer and contractor referrals in the GTA, therefore our honesty and integrity has to remain at the top of the trades.

    Burst pipes, blocked up drains, or wet basement walls are very stressful problems to deal with. Hiring a contractor to fix them shouldn’t be just as big a problem. So give us a call, and you’ll have old fashioned, hard working, honest tradesmen working to help you.